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Unitape 75The Breaking of Bread and its Understanding
Raymond E. Brown
Acts of the Apostles > 1985 Summer School on the Book of Acts
Unitape 98The Eucharistic Faces of Christ
Patrick Crowley
Christology > Christology - Patrick Crowley
Unitape 133Eucharist as Sacrament of the Church's Mission
Patrick Crowley
The Theology of the Church > The Church - Patrick Crowley
Unitape 165Eucharistic Challenge in the 80s
Peter Wilkinson
The Theology of the Church > The Church of the 80s
Unitape 226Celebrating Mass: Eucharist
Ernest Sands
Liturgy > Liturgy - Various Speakers
Unitape 282On Entering a Eucharistic Community
Patrick Crowley
Sacraments > Eucharist
Unitape 283Eucharist and Daily Life
Luke Magee
Sacraments > Eucharist
Unitape 315The Sacrament of the Eucharist
Peter Wilkinson
Sacraments > Reflections of the Message of John Paul II to Britain
Unitape 356In the Context of Church, Eucharist and Marriage
Peter Wilkinson
Moral Theology > Divorce and Remarriage
Unitape 465Eucharist: Common Gift of the Churches
Peter Wilkinson
Ecumenism > Ecumenism - Peter Wilkinson
Unitape 668Sacramental Prayer: Eucharist
John Futrell
Spirituality and Prayer > Prayer and Discernment
Unitape 740Recent Developments in Eucharistic Theology
Peter Wilkinson
General Theology, Priesthood and Story > Theology

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